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Outback Annie Bags

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Handmade bags of all shapes & sizes. Adult & children's side aprons, coin purses, cell phone bags, adult purses, children's purses. Each handmade item is sewn. the workmanship is impeccable. 

Custom orders can be requested. Some fabrics are harder to get and the prices and time to make custom orders will vary on a few things. Different fabrics will vary in price and some fabrics will have to be ordered if they are not carried in a local fabric store. Due to these being factored in, if you would like a custom order please send us a message with the fabric you are requesting and the item that you would like made with it and we will get back with you letting you know a price and rough time frame of how long it will take. Once we have an agreed custom order, an Invoice will be sent to your email and once it is paid for Anna will start your order.

Some items such as the aprons come in various sizes. Please indicate which size you would like, child (fits most children), standard (fits most adult ladies), large ( fits most adult men). These aprons tie on the back side. If you would like your apron to cover a certain area / size, please measure the area that you would like the apron to cover and send this with your custom order request. 

Everything is double sided whether it is a bag (liner) or an apron (double- sided) there are no unfinished edges or sides.

Outback Annie Bags