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Sweet Tea's Décor & More

Specialty Tea’s Collection is a group of selected tea’s that have been tried, tested, and hand picked by Tracey to represent her private label and brand.  Many of the tea’s can be served hot or iced and can also be mixed with other certain tea’s within the collection.  All tea’s are processed and packaged in the United States.
A Little about Tracey

She was born in Michigan but moved to Tennessee when she was a child. She spent most of her childhood and teen years growing up on her parents farm. It is farm life that gave her a true essence in living!

Tracey was raised with Christian values and was taught to love and respect creative individuality of others, from a young age. She's incorporated several different styles to create her own distinctive style and design that is unique and recognizable as her work. She feel's that everyone possesses the ability to create and that all creations of art and design are personal pieces and reflections of the creator.

She was inspired to name her business Sweet Tea's because of her fond memories as a child, drinking warm sweet tea and making homemade tea cakes with her mother and aunt.

Tracey is the mother of three outstanding young adults and one precious, amazing granddaughter! She's passionate about family and my work. Most of all, she's grateful to God for His blessings and she strives to honor Him in all she does!

Sweet Tea's Décor & More