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Painterly Furniture Artist Paint

These will ship Mid October and are for pre-order until then!
What is Painterly furniture artist paint?
Painterly is a unique type of furniture artist paint that defies traditional artistry rules. It's a
loose, non-traditional paint designed specifically for furniture. Embracing a loose and
non-traditional approach that sets it apart. The unique artistic style blurs the lines
between traditional painting and DIY creativity, resulting in a seamless blend like peanut
butter and jelly. It comes in tubes and is known for its heavy-bodied, highly pigmented,
and thick consistency, creating brilliant results.
What distinguishes Painterly from other types of paint?
Painterly paint is not acrylic, watercolor, or oil paint. It is a special blend with a heavy
texture and high pigment concentration. It is perfect for DIY projects and combines
exceptionally well with various furniture surfaces.
Painterly Furniture Artist Paint


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