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DIY Paint Brush Collection

These brushes have ultra soft synthetic bristles. They are made for super smooth finishes and blending. All of these brushes are hand painted with a suede leather strap.

All of these brushes are great for paint, wax and top coats.

As with all brushes I would recommend using separate brushes for paint and waxing. 

The Multitasker - Approximately 9.5 inches from end to end. 2.5 inch round ultra soft bristles good for paint, wax or top coats( 4.5 oz)

The Little Dipper-Approximately 6.25 from end to end. 1 inch round ultra soft bristle good for paint, wax or top coats. Fits in sample jars, small wax jars, Bohemian Brights and pigment jars.(3.0 oz)

The Smoothie - Approximately 5.5 from end to end. 3inch wide ultra soft bristles great for blending.(2.5 oz)

The Perfectionist - Approximately 10 inches end to end, tapered bristles perfect for getting into detailed areas, ultra soft bristles.(3.0 oz)

The Feather - Approximately 8 inches end to end, 2 inch angled bristle width, made for painting with a light touch. Great for top coats and paint. Ultra soft bristles.( 3.5 oz)

DIY Paint Brush Collection