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B-e-e-r Guinness Soap


These come wrapped in bio-film a plastic alternative made from corn that is biodegradable and compostable. This soap is incredible. Definitely one of our all-time favorites. The second you get it wet, you can feel the difference. Soft, silky, and immediate lather. The fragrance is a sensual blend of redwood, coconut, jasmine, and saffron. Earthy, but light, a perfect unisex scent. B-e-e-r soap is loved for its ability to moisturize and fight acne. In fact, b-e-e-r soap packs a big punch when it comes to moisturizing. Hops, an ingredient in b-e-e-r, contains skin-softening amino acids that can soothe irritated and inflamed skin. The brewer's yeast in acts as an antibacterial agent, great for combating acne. The multipurpose aspects of this soap make it a great gift item. Handcrafted in our shop, we ensure every ingredient is fresh so it leaves your skin feeling healthy, soft, and smooth. This soap is excellent for beards and facial hair too.

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