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Cling On Pointy Sister PS14


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The main component of the mixture is a very high-quality nylon filament. The durability of this filament is 5 to 9 times higher than hog bristles and up to 1.5 times higher than most polyester filaments.   Dyeing the filaments also increases the clean ability, because the paints can hardly stick to them.   The nylon filament is very smooth and supple and its flagged tips provide a “velvet like” touch and a smooth and flawless finishing. It retains its stiffness in water and returns perfectly in its original shape.
This filament is resistant against almost all chemicals and solvents and withstands high temperatures without losing its characteristics permanently.
Cling On brushes were designed by a professional painter and are handmade in Holland.
– Before using, soak the brush in water to get it wet all the way through.  Shake brush to get out excess water before using.
– Don’t worry about cleaning your brush when done, simply put it in a bowl of water so that the bristles are fully submerged and leave overnight.  By the time that you go to get your brush again, the paint will have come off and your brush is ready to use or hang to dry.  *Be sure that the bristles don’t touch the bottom of the container (use  something to attach the brush to the container) and the brush will retain its shape.
– If needed, re-wet the bristles as you are painting.  Wetting the bristles will keep the paint from hardening on the bristles and keep your paint smooth.
– Use will all water based products.